Morguard Investments Limited - Green Link

We live on a small planet with limited resources, in a nation that is the most energy intensive per capita in the world.  Fifty percent of the worlds' material and energy resources go into buildings in which we spend ninety percent of our time.  We have a responsibility as individuals to conserve the resources we have at our disposal; as a corporation we have a duty, beyond the fiduciary, to reduce our impact on the environment and maintain the quality of life of those who work and live in and around the buildings we manage.  We cannot tell people what they should do; however, we can lead by example.  It is the responsibility of all Morguard employees to support the principles set out in the GREEN LINK policy.


Coquitlam Centre - Going Green

Since 2008, Coquitlam Centre has launched The Green Room recycling program, introduced Dyson Air Blade hand dryers in all public restrooms, installed Electrical Car Charging Stations and implemented Food Court retailer composting facilities.  As a result of these, and other green initiatives, Coquitlam Centre continues to support (ie: lighting retrofits, installation of variable frequency drives/adaptors on mechanical equipment, water harvesting, and digital control systems), the following results were achieved in 2011:

  • 297.0 Metric Tonnes of Materials Recovered
  • 1,263.8 Cubic Yards of Landfilled Reduction
  • 2,369,120 kWh of Energy Saved
  • 1,271 Te CO2e of Carbon Monoxide Emission Reduction
  • 8,124,110 Litres of Water Saved
  • 1,393.6 Barrels of Oil (Petroleum) Saved
  • 4,726 Mature Trees Saved
  • Diversion Rate of 31%

Coquitlam Centre retailers offer many earth-friendly products and services that can help you give back to the environment while shopping for the things you love.

Organic Recycling

Since the introduction of the organic recycling program in the Food Court, Coquitlam Centre’s waste diversion rate has increased from 36% in December 2014, to 71% in December 2015. In total, we have diverted over 428,000 kilograms of organic material … the equivalent weight of approximately 191 Ford pick-up trucks or 363 Honda Civics!

For the second year in a row, CQC was awarded HOOPP’s LEAP Award for Innovation – Sustainability Innovator: Stakeholder Engagement for its organics recycling program. By the end of 2015, we were able to increase our diversion rate to 71% (from 36%) and organics waste diversion increased from 64,765 kgs in 2014 to 400,917 kgs in 2015, a 619% increase.


Heat Recovery Project

We are thrilled to announce that as of January 2016, our latest Green Initiative is up and running! A heat recovery unit has been installed and is capturing energy that was previously “escaping”. The energy is pre-heating the water that is used in the heating loop to heat the common area, thereby reducing our natural gas consumption. The boilers, which previously were the only source of heat for the building, are now rarely required to run. Unfortunately, it is too early to provide stats on cost/kjs decreases … but we hope to have that information later in the year.


Electric Car Charging Stations + Hybrid Parking

Electric Car Charging Stations

Coqutilam Centre has 2 Electrical Charging Station Stalls located at the South-East entrance that are available for use.

  • 4 hour time limit
  • Cost $1.00 per hour
  • Accepted payment by Cell Phone (App required) or prepaid WattStation Connect Payment Card (Available at
  • Takes approximately 4 hours to charge a standard vehicle


Hybrid Parking Stalls

Hybrid Parking Stalls are located at the South Entrance (Next to the Car Charging Stations) and the Food Court Entrance.

Earth-Friendly Services

Garment + Home Textile Recycling - H&M

Bring your well-worn, ripped or soiled clothing and home textiles to H&M for recycling. In exchange, you'll receive one voucher for $5 OFF your next purchase of $30 or more (before taxes) at H&M for every bag you bring in. Everything collected is sent to H&M's sustainability partner I:CO who will then sorts it into three categories: 

  1. Re-wear: clothing that can be worn again is sold as second hand clothing
  2. Re-use: clothing and textiles that isn't fit to be worn again but still has some life left is turned into new things like cleaning cloths
  3. Re-cycle: everything else is turned into textile fibers and re-used for things like insulation.

All of the proceeds that H&M receives from this progam is donated to a local charity (H&M Canada has partnered with UNICEF locally). Visit to see how much has been donated so far.

What can you bring in?

  • Any clothing including jackets, socks, undergarments in any material (leather, suede...) in any condition (gently-used to falling apart)
  • Any home textiles including bedding, towels, kitchen rags, quilts in any condition (gently-used to falling apart)

What can't you bring in?

  • Shoes
  • Stuffed animals
  • Pillows

Visit H&M's sustainability page for more information on their textile recycling program.

Earth-Friendly Programs

Clean Water Project - Purdys Chocolatier

You (and this special chocolate bar) can make clean, safe drinking water possible for thousands of people in rural cocoa-growing communities in Ivory Coast. Sweet and salty, each Clean Water Project Bar is made with creamy milk chocolate, crunchy salted butter toffee pieces and 100% sustainable cocoa.

$2 from the sale of each Clean Water Project Bar goes towards raising funds for LifeStraw Community water filters. We have a goal of funding 50 water filters this year, which means clean water for more than 3,000 people over three years.

Visit Purdys Chocolatier's Clean Water Project page for more information.


Tentree Project - Boathouse

Boathouse has partnered with Tentree for the 4th year to set a tree planting goal: 85,000 trees planted! 

  • 10 trees are planted PER ITEM.  So if someone buys 2 items at Boathouse, that 20 trees!
  • Customers can register and track their trees - find out where your trees are being planted and more!

Visit Boathouse's Tentree page for more information.