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VROOM VROOM - All you need to know about leather from Heidi Hofstad!

Leather isn't typically associated with summer, unless referring to ogling boys on motorcycles, while sipping refreshments patio side - vroom, vroom! But this year, revving up our closets is trending! The look is less about giving off the hardcore biker chick signal and more about incorporating seasonless and timeless leather pieces – that show off the legs – into wardrobes. 

Get a Handle on your Handbags with Sunny Shum!

In my opinion, the most important accessory for a woman should be her
handbag. Next to her footwear it's the best place to invest in her wardrobe
and you can never have enough. With a simple switch of a handbag you can
make a drastic change in your look. Three must have shapes for summer 2011:
A cross body flap bag, a lady-like structured bag, and an over-sized clutch.


I’ve got it bad for stripes – always have, always will.
I’ve never bought into the ‘horizontal stripes aren’t flattering’ bit. Nor do I agree with that old-school adage that they ‘add pounds’ or ‘make your look shorter’. Rubbish. Nonsense. Pish-posh.
Summer and stripes go together like watermelon and crumbled feta (the ultimate summer salad) and I’ll take my stripes any which-way thanks – vertical or horizontal, chevron, wide & cabana-style,  or skinny in seersucker.

Learn all about the 'Mad Hatter' with Carly Yack!

Mad Hatter
This summer is all about finding the perfect hat. The recent royal wedding has helped to push this trend to the forefront. Those Brits definitely know how to make a statement with headwear. This season showcases hats in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colour. Choosing which one to make your signature look is difficult for even the most fashion savvy girl. Here are a few hat trends to play with: