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Bonus Blog - Amanda Poh, teen blogger

By: Amanda Poh
If someone had asked me earlier during spring break where I saw myself during the month of April, I probably would have just shrugged and given a vague response. Never would I have thought that I would he sitting here, typing away as one of the five finalists for Coquitlam Centre's 2012 Teen Blogger competition.

Bonus Blog - Kiana Benoit, teen blogger

My experience as a teen blogger finalist
By Kiana Benoit
Being a teen blogger finalist was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, honestly. I've never won anything, so being picked as a finalist was a new and exciting thing. I was nervous at first, wondering what people would think of my blogs, hoping they would be good enough. After I met the other finalists, I wasn't scared anymore. They were all really nice, and all the Coquitlam centre staff I met were very kind.

Coquitlam Centre Pinterest Contest

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