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Day 6 - Amy Bunnage, teen blogger

Healthy Food Court Options?
Greasy (heavenly) fries, rich and creamy ice-cream, crispy chicken:  let’s face it, these foods taste delicious, but they can't be the staple of a diet. You want to know a secret?  There are plenty of healthy (and yummy) options at the food court, and lucky for you, I found them.

Day 5 - Amy Bunnage, teen blogger

Miley Cyrus Look for Less
The weather is (finally) heating up, and with that comes sleeveless tops, sunglasses, and sock-free feet. Miley's outfit is an all-around win for me. With just a few tweaks, this outfit becomes wearable for everyday life, whether that means going to class, sipping on an iced mocha, or hiking with your best friend (dog).

Day 4 - Brynn Bishop, teen blogger

Stealing Stones Style
Emma Stone is known for her bright basics, nautical with naturals, and elegant accessories. Unfortunately not all of us can afford shopping like a movie-star, however, our own mall Coquitlam Center provides low-priced alternatives you can use to put a spin on this celebrities style. A simple striped shirt, black blazer, blue skinny jean, and nude heel, can easily be altered depending on your age, body-type, and style.

Day 3 - Kiana Benoit, teen blogger

Lea Michele, best known for her starring role as Rachel Berry on Glee, is one of today's most talented performers. Not only is she a wonderful actress but an amazing singer, and everything about her just screams of the magic and glamour of Broadway, where she started her career when she was just a young child. She's also one of my personal favourite public figures out there today.

Healthy Eating For the Whole Family

By Lindsay Dianne, follow her on Twitter, 'like' her on Facebook, and read her blog: The Urban Momtographer!
Raising a family is hard work. It seems like there is always an errand to run or some laundry to get done. When I first became a parent, I was under the impression that eating well with quality foods was simply a luxury we couldn’t afford, and that it would take time that I couldn’t spare. As my daughter started to grow and learn, I started to wonder what I could do to ensure that she was provided with the absolute best I could give her.