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Day 11 - Brynn Bishop, teen blogger

You’re out on a Sunday afternoon waiting to hang out with one of your friends. You finally see her, grabbing the small handbag that’s sat beside you, patiently, through your boredom. What’s in this trusty handbag? Why, only a females survival-kit, or in my case; lip gloss, a notepad-pen, gum, a makeup- first aid bag, and most importantly tissues.

Day 10 - Brynn Bishop, teen blogger

By Brynn Bishop
How often do you stroll through the mall and see a store, acknowledging its existence, yet know you have too much to do to go in and look around? Well, look no further because no longer will you have to wonder what is Eccotique Spa and Salon, sitting beside Sears. Here’s what’s happening with one of Cquitlam Centre’s best kept secrets.

Day 9 - Kiana Benoit, teen blogger

Week 2- Coquitlam Centres Best Kept Secret
By Kiana Benoit
When I say “Beauty Products” what stores come to mind for you? Probably Sephora, Lush, the Proactiv kiosk, one of the day spas at Coquitlam Centre, or maybe even a department store like The Bay or London Drugs, right? Well, what if I told you there's another place in the mall where you can get affordable face masks, makeup products and hair dye? There is! T&T Supermarket right in Coquitlam Centre has an entire aisle dedicated to health and beauty products.

Day 8 - Katrina Robinson, teen blogger

The Best Kept Secret at Coquitlam Centre, how to keep your shoes looking and feeling brand new, and your feet happy! Shoes, as well as feet are an important part of our daily lives. Our feet and shoes support the rest of our body weight while we run around, to and from different activities each day. I love shoes, so keeping them in good condition, as well as still looking attractive, is important to me. Sometimes, heels and soles of shoes become worn down over time, even when this happens you do not have to resort to throwing, or giving them away.

Day 7 - Amanda Poh, teen blogger

ToGo, the go-to place By Amanda Poh Like every girl, I tend to spend most of my time at the mall looking at clothing, but when I'm not, there's one place that you can usually find me having a snack. If you're not a big fan of the fast food found at most food courts, why not go for some sushi? Located on the first levell, at the south entrance off of Pinetree Way, you'll find ToGo Sushi. With fresh assortments of sushi and sashimi, it's a great place for quality sushi at a reasonable price. As a sushi addict, ToGo Sushi has been my go-to place at Coquitlam Centre for the past 4 years.