Day 10 - Brynn Bishop, teen blogger

By Brynn Bishop
How often do you stroll through the mall and see a store, acknowledging its existence, yet know you have too much to do to go in and look around? Well, look no further because no longer will you have to wonder what is Eccotique Spa and Salon, sitting beside Sears. Here’s what’s happening with one of Cquitlam Centre’s best kept secrets.

Smart, chic and relaxing This Eco Boutique truly lives up to its name. Creating a very large combination of different brands, Eccotique carries all kinds of different name brands so you personally have a wide selection. Making sure to cater to the different needs of every customer, by being friendly and welcoming, eccotique creates a relieving environment for men and women alike. Even though it is also incredibly fashionable, and stylish, everybody I’ve met personally says they love it.
Eccotique provides, amazing hair and face care products, I wasn’t even aware of that until recently. So come on in if you’re in need of a good skin care set. They are really lovely, and with all the different types, these products have a spa, salon quality look and feel.

Eccotique also carries a large supply of OPI nail lacquer (nail polish). I personally love the selection the store gives you because I love to do my nails unique and completely glam colors. Classic, bright, bold, trendy, and sparkly polishes, all available here, in colors you will absolutely adore. But whether you’re a nail artist or not please pop by Eccotique as I’m sure you’ll love the people, the atmosphere and the products.