Day 11 - Brynn Bishop, teen blogger

You’re out on a Sunday afternoon waiting to hang out with one of your friends. You finally see her, grabbing the small handbag that’s sat beside you, patiently, through your boredom. What’s in this trusty handbag? Why, only a females survival-kit, or in my case; lip gloss, a notepad-pen, gum, a makeup- first aid bag, and most importantly tissues.

Now I know what you thinking… every girl has a different preference in lip gloss, depending on the flavor, color, and texture. However personally I recommend The Body Shop’s “Born Lippy” in Strawberry. This Glossy lip-balm, with no tastes, has a hint of colour that will make your lips look delicious, as well as shine.
Carried at places such as: Coles, American Eagle, Carlton Cards, and many others, the common pen and paper can be a real life-saver in a crisis. I carry one wherever I go in case I need to; take notes, jotting down a name or phone number, even just doodling in a boring situation.
Everybody has a different taste when it comes to gum, although, I have recently found a true life-saver that tastes good too. Excel Whitening gum, bubble mint, is delicious, long- lasting, and legitimately whitens your teeth as you chew, providing a fresh mouth.
Onto the makeup-first aid bag such bags can be found at any drugstore, or makeup store. In this bag you should always have; Mascara, makeup remover, lip-gloss, band aids, and your medication (if any). These bags can prove to be miracle workers in some situations.
Lastly used for; running noses, nose bleeds, removing makeup, cleaning up, or even drying your own eyes, tissues are one of the North- American girls life-savers, and I’m sure you can all agree a very important addition to a hand-bag must have.
By: Brynn Bishop