Day 12 - Amy Bunnage, teen blogger

What’s In My Gym Bag
By Amy Bunnage
My gym bag can cure a grumbly tummy, dry itchy skin, and greasy hair.  The best part?  It doesn’t have to break your back!  All you need is a few items (some of which can do double duty), and you have yourself a lightweight version of Mary Poppins purse. 
The first item I make sure to always carry around is a Clif Bar.  Even though I am known for packing kale salads for lunch, I tend to look for more convenient foods for my gym bag.  Clif Bars are awesome because they are made with all natural ingredients like oats, dried fruit, and unrefined sugars.  This means long lasting energy without the crash.  My favorite flavor is Chocolate Almond Fudge; it’s like a healthy brownie!

Now on to the best lip balm I’ve ever had: Nivea Essential.  This little tube is a life saver!  Of course there is the obvious use for lip balm, but this stuff doesn’t stop there.  If I have dry skin, I use a little of this as a moisturizer.  Frizzy hair?  Smooth your fly-aways with a little bit of the balm rubbed between your fingers.  Lastly [and weirdly enough], if the zipper of your gym bag is a little sticky, rub a little balm on the zipper to make it slide smoothly. 

My favorite item to bring is baby powder.  Post run, my hair is always left looking greasy.  A quick fix is to sprinkle a little baby powder on your scalp, and massage it in until it’s disappeared.  Repeat until your hair looks freshly washed.  Little tip: don’t dump the whole container on your head at once (especially with dark hair) …

With these items, my gym bag keeps me well prepared for almost every situation.