Day 13 - Katrina Robinson, teen blogger

What’s in my bag?
Wherever it is that I am heading, whether it may be school, dance, or the mall my bag is usually pretty full. So, if you are like me you require that the items you are carrying around with you to be easily found if all your possessions are contained in your purse. I am on the go all the time, and you can usually find a granola bar or some other type of snack among other things in my bag, so things tend to get a little dirty. Carrying around a pre-moistened lens towellete in my bag is a must.

Purchase a box of 30 for $7.99 at LensCrafters. I use them to clean my glasses, which I wear pretty much everyday, or I also use them on things like my cell phone or iPod screen to get rid of smudges and fingerprints.
My T-zone seems to get oilier throughout the day, so having a compact box of Boscia Blotting Linens is always great. The sheets are made from all-natural plant fibers, and Peppermint extract, they absorb the oil without removing your make-up and are great for quick touch-ups throughout the day. Available at Sephora, 100 sheets for $12.00.
Who doesn’t want to smell good? Pretty much nobody. That is why I carry around a Sephora Universal Atomizer, just put your favourite fragrance in here and you are good to go. Great for freshening up throughout the day, or a quick spritz in between classes, pick this baby up for $18.00.
I also like to carry around the TWEEZERMAN Zip (nail) File, great for quick fixes on hang nails, or shaping. Available at Sephora for $6.00. Whishing you had thought of carrying some of these items around? Well you can, just head over to Coquitlam Centre to purchase all of these items. Happy shopping!