Day 14 - Amanda Poh, teen blogger

What's in my bag?
By Amanda Poh
It's a girl's best friend. It holds whatever she needs and comes in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it's even her best accessory. If you ever have the opportunity of going through a girl's purse, you'll never cease to be amazed by all the belongings you'll find. From compact mirrors to emergency sewing kits, our trusty purses have always been there for us holding all our “must-haves” and favourite things to carry on-the-go. Here is a quick take on some of my favourite items I carry in my purse.

Let's be honest, no one ever wants to have a shiny/oily face during pictures. For a quick freshen up, I never leave the house without carrying my Sephora blotting papers and any compact press powder, both found at Sephora.
A couple key things to remember to always carry around as well, is lip balm, hand cream, elastic bands, and bobby pins, which can all be found conveniently at London Drugs. An amazing item that I recently discovered is “Goody's Simple Styles Spin Pin”, a revolutionary take on the plain old bobby pin, which helps put your hair up in a secure bun without having to use 50 bobby pins.
An awesome alternative to carrying around your cellphone charger is having a battery case for your iPhone, providing you with on-the-go power. With many different brands and types to choose from at Future Shop, this item has proved to be the most useful during my nights out.
And last but not least, my favourite that item I enjoy bringing along with me is my Fuji instax mini 7S  Instant Camera, which can be found at London Drugs. This cute instant film camera shoots amazing and unique wallet-sized pictures that can be shared with friends, or kept as a keepsake.