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Top 5 Spring Shoe Finds
By Kiana Benoit
Spring is definitely my favourite season for shoes, right after a long winter of boots I'm always so glad to be able to go out in a pair of new sandals. This season there's definitely a ton of trends I'm super into. Coquitlam Centre has tons of shoe stores with pretty much every kind of shoe you're looking for. Here are my fop five shoe finds for spring:
Number 5:

Available at Payless Shoe Source for only $24.99, these pink wedge sandals are so adorable. They come in six different colours, my favourite being the bright pink. They are also right on trend for Spring 2012.
Number 4:
Also available at Payless Shoe Source, I love American Eagle's line of Women's Daisy peep toe flats.
They come in three colours, pink, navy, and black. They're so sweet and girly, I think they're perfect for spring. Again just $24.99.
Number 3:

Aldo's new line of espadrilles are all super cute, but my favourites are definitely their floral print flats. Theses are super comfy and easy to wear, and the flower print makes them bright and exciting for the blooming spring.
Available at Aldo for $40.00.
Number 2:
I'm loving Sterling Shoes' entire Bird Of A Feather collection right now, Especially their Peacock feather sandals with animal print straps. They cost $49.95 and having sandals embellished with feathers is so different and fun, I think it's a great idea.
Number 1:

Available at Foot Locker, my number one is their Puma Espera 3 shoe. It's on the pricier side at $99.99 but they'll last forever, plus they're open at the sides so they're perfect for warmer weather. The reason they won my number one spot though, is the comfort. Honestly, they are way more comfortable than they look. These shoes are adorable, but also really easy to walk in.

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