Day 2 - Amanda Poh, teen blogger

Week 1 – Celebrity Style by Amanda Poh

I've always been a firm believer that you shouldn't have to pay over $100 dollars just for a piece of clothing. There are always plenty of ways to find or even recreate whatever style you're looking for, for a reasonable and affordable price. Whether it be an outfit worn by the latest celebrities, or that really cute shirt you were eyeing for 20 minutes from across the room only to find the price tag and have your heart ripped out... we've got you covered. 

Earlier this year, while giving in to my guilty pleasure of watching “Kim and Kourtney Take NY,” I absolutely fell in love with Kourtney Kardashian's plaid shoulder-less cutout shirt. I had to have it, and began searching online, but after discovering that the original shirt was $174 (whatever, didn't even want to buy it or anything), I became inspired and decided to create my own shoulder-less shirt with a few simple DIY steps. What I love the most about this style is that the cutouts give a playful yet conservative way of showing off some skin, while also giving a unique twist to any plain blouse or flannel shirt.

Once you've chosen the perfect shirt, turn it inside out. With a marker ready, trace half of an oval on the shoulder to mark the area of your cutouts. Be sure to try it on first to make sure that the size of the cutouts are to your liking, and then start cutting. Once you've cut out your oval, match it to the other shoulder. Trace the oval and ensure that both cutouts are even, then cut away.

And there you have it! You're very own shoulder-less shirt under $30 thanks to H&M and some easy DIY steps. Get out there and get creative. 

Happy savings!