Day 3 - Kiana Benoit, teen blogger

Lea Michele, best known for her starring role as Rachel Berry on Glee, is one of today's most talented performers. Not only is she a wonderful actress but an amazing singer, and everything about her just screams of the magic and glamour of Broadway, where she started her career when she was just a young child. She's also one of my personal favourite public figures out there today.
On the red carpet, Lea Michele is an image of glamour in beautiful high heels and designer dresses, but when she's out for lunch or out for an afternoon of shopping with friends, she's usually seen wearing casual and comfortable albeit stylish clothing. That's the side of her I wanted to capture with my copycat look.

Here Lea is seen wearing dark blue mini shorts with a cute floral blouse. This look can be easily achieved for cheap, and I actually found both elements of this outfit in the same store in Coquitlam Centre! Just head out to Old Navy for an inexpensive and similar look.

The First thing I found were these navy khaki shorts. They retail for $19.94 (But Old Navy always has tons of great sales) and are very similar to the ones Lea Michele is seen wearing. Especially if you buy a bigger size, you'll get that casual baggy look she's seen sporting.

Pair those shorts with any floral blouse, such as the one I also found at Old Navy, and you've got the look! This blouse from Old Navy retails for $20.00 and is a bit brighter than the one Lea is seen wearing. I thought the brighter floral print still had the same look and feel as the one she wore, but is maybe a bit brighter and cheerier for this spring season.

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