Day 5 - Amy Bunnage, teen blogger

Miley Cyrus Look for Less
The weather is (finally) heating up, and with that comes sleeveless tops, sunglasses, and sock-free feet. Miley's outfit is an all-around win for me. With just a few tweaks, this outfit becomes wearable for everyday life, whether that means going to class, sipping on an iced mocha, or hiking with your best friend (dog).
I tried to keep everything pretty similar, except when it came to undergarments. Miley is known for her daring wardrobe choices, and the blue lacy bra worn under the tank is no exception. For a more school appropriate look, I chose a blue bandeau. Classy and fashionable can go together.
Who really wants to walk to and from school in a mini skirt and high heels? Not me. The leggings and flip flops give you that breezy, comfy look, while the graphic tank and bright bandeau takes the outfit up a notch. The best part is if you want to go for a run after school, all you have to change is your shoes.
The bag makes the outfit for me. The tribal print is so on trend right now. For school, you want your bag to be durable and show off your personal style at the same time. With this bag, you truly get the Best of Both Worlds (you know you watched/watch Hannah Montana as well).
Here's the breakdown of the items: (All from H&M)
Tank – $17.95
Bandeau – $2.95 for 2-pack
Leggings – $12.95
Sandals – $6.95
Backpack – $34.95
Sunglasses – $12.95
Total – $98.70
Yes, you read that right. This whole look came in under $100 (Miley’s sunglasses alone came to well over $100)! A “comfy” day doesn't have to mean a baggy hoody and sweats. A cute outfit has never been more comfortable, both for you, and your wallet.
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