Day 6 - Amy Bunnage, teen blogger

Healthy Food Court Options?
Greasy (heavenly) fries, rich and creamy ice-cream, crispy chicken:  let’s face it, these foods taste delicious, but they can't be the staple of a diet. You want to know a secret?  There are plenty of healthy (and yummy) options at the food court, and lucky for you, I found them.
Walking into a cafe doesn't have to mean buttery brownies and whipped cream in a cup. One thing I always do, regardless of my order, is get a cup of water. If you are relying on coffee to hydrate you, think again. It only dehydrates you further. Once you have your water, ask for any drink you get with skim milk, and half the sugar. Also, there's no need for people to drink out of big gulp sized cups.  If you're going to splurge, splurge with a small.
Next up is lunch. Skip past the burgers, fries, and onion rings. They will only leave you feeling lethargic. If you're looking for some real healthy energy, look for sushi (think fish and vegetables, not deep fried potato), a salad, or a sandwich on whole wheat (load up on vegetables!). If you want your greasy fix, split a thing of fries with a friend; all the taste and half the money!
Now on to the best part: dessert. Small is key. If you're grabbing a frozen dessert, try to look past the add-ins like gummy bears and cookie crumbles, and just stick to plain ice-cream (or fro-yo) with a sauce (hot fudge?). Sharing with a friend or getting a kiddy size is difficult, but trust me; it will save you a sugar coma.
Remember, food that tastes good doesn't have to be bad for you. Eating at the food court and eating healthy can go hand in hand.