Day 8 - Katrina Robinson, teen blogger

The Best Kept Secret at Coquitlam Centre, how to keep your shoes looking and feeling brand new, and your feet happy! Shoes, as well as feet are an important part of our daily lives. Our feet and shoes support the rest of our body weight while we run around, to and from different activities each day. I love shoes, so keeping them in good condition, as well as still looking attractive, is important to me. Sometimes, heels and soles of shoes become worn down over time, even when this happens you do not have to resort to throwing, or giving them away. Instead, head over to Heel & Sole Shoe Repair, located on Level One of Coquitlam Centre near London Drugs. Heel & Sole Shoe Repair has the answer for you, and they can fix any of your shoe problems, big or small. The services they offer, like fixing a broken heel, are priced at $15.00 and up. Heel & Sole Shoe Repair can assist you with other things like key cutting, and other products for your shoes like laces, as well as spray. Different types of sprays (starting at $7.99) are at hand, ones that prevent stains, waterproof, or give your shoes more of a lustre. When you are done taking care of your shoes, take a look at your feet. Regardless of what kind of condition they are in, take a stroll over to My Foot Reflexology ( ), also located on Level One of Coquitlam Centre near London Drugs. Relax with a Crystal Mud Foot Bath, for only $15.00. This treatment can cleanse, and moisturize your tootsies, while the spa crystals exfoliate. This is one of the best kept secrets at Coquitlam Centre because it is a way to relax while not taking too much time out of your busy schedule.