Day 9 - Kiana Benoit, teen blogger

Week 2- Coquitlam Centres Best Kept Secret
By Kiana Benoit
When I say “Beauty Products” what stores come to mind for you? Probably Sephora, Lush, the Proactiv kiosk, one of the day spas at Coquitlam Centre, or maybe even a department store like The Bay or London Drugs, right? Well, what if I told you there's another place in the mall where you can get affordable face masks, makeup products and hair dye? There is! T&T Supermarket right in Coquitlam Centre has an entire aisle dedicated to health and beauty products.
I was really shocked at the assortment and price of the beauty products they sold there. Amidst all the aisles of yummy food, there's apricot skin masks, nose masks, lip glosses, shampoos and more, with tons of those products available for only around five dollars!
Myself and a lot of people I know buy much of our makeup and skin products from department stores so as to spend less money, at T&T you can get products of the same quality, for just as cheap if not cheaper. Even if I'm only saving a buck or two, it still helps me feel less bad if I want to splurge and buy myself a nice calming face mask.
Another plus is their hair dye section, which is designed for black hair siince dark hair is harder to dye brighter colours. These dyes have accounted for that and are made stronger than other dyes. So if you have dark hair, or even if you just want a stronger, vibrant colour, I would suggest checking them out. They have tons of colours from bright and bold reds, to cool browns.
I already love T&T for their amazing desert section, but being able to buy makeup, skin products and  hair products there is just another major plus!

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