Inside Scoop on our Teen Bloggers

Congratulations to our five lucky teen bloggers. Each day will feature one of our bloggers posts, and they're competing to win a grand prize worth $1,900, which includes an iPad. 
Without further ado, meet: 
Kiana Lisa Benoit
My full name is Kiana Lisa Benoit, I'm fourteen years old. I'm a freshman at École Des Pionniers, and I speak both French and English fluently. I've always loved writing, for as long as I can remember. I've been writing short fictional stories ever since I could hold up a pencil, although writing about fashion and lifestyle is a bit newer to me. I love experimenting with different hair styles and colours, trying on different types of makeup, and buying all sorts of clothing and accessories. Going to Coquitlam Centre with my friends has become a staple in my schedule, walking through the mall is a great way to socialize and shop for everything I need... and want!
Brynn Bishop
Hi, my name is Brynn Bishop, I’m 13 years old, and I go to Moody Middle School. I’m a complete girly-girl, although I’m also independent and strong willed. Writing, whether it is blogging, short stories, autobiography, or just brainstorming theories has always been extremely important to me ever since I was a little girl, so having this opportunity is so unbelievable to me. I’m very active and involved with my community and school. I am part of Moody’s play, and SD43’s Student District Leadership as well a member of my own leadership team.  I am very concerned about the environment and have co-created a school environmentalist club, focusing on changing school recycling education. I enjoy reading, writing, dancing, acting, being busy, (sleeping), and helping others. I believe that we all have something useful to say and deserve a voice to say it with no matter your age or gender. 
Amy Bunnage
My name is Amy Bunnage, I am 17 years old and I go to Dr. Charles Best Secondary School. I was born and raised in Australia and moved to Canada when I was 10 years old. Blogging inspires me in my everyday life. My interests including cooking, exercise, fashion, animals, and working with children. I have my own blog which is read by solely my mom, but we have to start somewhere, right? I am so overjoyed for people to read my blogs, thanks to the Teen Blogger Contest. I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.
Amanda Poh
Growing up in the small town of Port Coquitlam, I’ve always found myself inspired by the littlest things. With my love and appreciation for music, as a piano and guitar player, photography, and fashion/style, as a closet vintage-addict, design and anything to do with art have always been my best friend (along with food, but that’s a whole other story). But which path to choose? To be or not to be, that was the ultimate question. Nevertheless, I am more than enough content and grateful for all the surprises, opportunities, and amazing people that life has thrown at me, and intend on enjoying every step of the way, doing a little bit of everything that I love.
Katrina Robinson
My name is Katrina Robinson, I’m fifteen years old, and I attend Heritage Woods Secondary School. I love shopping and fashion. I especially love shopping for shoes and earrings in particular. I have an obsession with bows, whether it be in my hair, a pair of earrings, or on my shoes. Besides school, shopping, and blogging, I take jazz dance and musical theatre with Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts. I enjoy spending time with family and hanging out with friends. In the future I plan on continuing to blog, dance, act, and of course shop! This is a great opportunity to gain writing and blogging experience, as well as knowledge. The $200 gift card to Coquitlam Centre, as well as the possible Grand prize is just extra motivation to blog. I need to win, pretty please with a cherry on top, “Like” and “Share” my blog on Facebook!