Coquitlam Centre – Where’d You Get That Weekend Wear?

Hi! I’m Catherine Dunwoody, Style Expert at Coquitlam Centre. When our friends are wearing something we love – we’re not shy about asking - ‘where’d you get that?’ We can’t help ourselves, it’s genetic I think …and this spring will have YOU getting asked that every day, when you shop here.
When it comes to weekend wear, Street has got it all covered, no matter what your plans are. I love this striped nautical dress, the pink striped t and denim shorts, or the lemon crochet sweater over turquoise shorts, but then again this little outfit is pretty fun for a night out.
BoatHouse has some cute things too – like this look from Roxy and this lace dress. This long floral maxi dress is fun, and so is this vintage look tank with Navajo cut offs.
Eddie Bauer has a new line of clothing that is perfect for travel. All pieces that are packable without wrinkling, lightweight, and easily mixed and matched. I especially like this little dress, this screened tank, and the whole colour scheme of blues and greens.
Bootlegger has some great looks, like this romantic floral blouse and jeans, or an all white look, or how pretty is this top with lace back, or this floral tank?
Where’d you get that? Expect to hear that a lot this spring. We’ll see  you here soon, at Coquitlam Centre.