Share Your Summer Must-Do Adventures!

Living on the West Coast, we have so many great adventures and activities that we are exposed to. However, don't you find when you have a free day, you are at a loss for what to do?
We are asking you to tell us your favourite summer activities, and will compile a list for everyone to see!
We'll start.
Our 5 picks this week are:
1. Drive-In Movie night at Coquitlam Centre! Bring the whole family to watch Rio (tonight), Night at the Museum (next Wednesday), and MegaMind (August 24)

2. Berry picking at a local farm! Weather it is to make pie, jam, or just bring the kids out to see where the berries come from!
3. Take a ride on the miniature train, pet a goat, and have a picnic in the trees, all at Stanley Park!

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4. Take a drive out to Steveston! Enjoy the old seaside down, local fish & chips, & the ocean view!
5. Like the idea of a hike, but the grind is a little too daunting? Take a day trip to Deep Cove! Kayaks, paddle boarding, and a beautiful 'hike' that anyone can tackle. Great for kids & beginners too!

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Now we want to hear your ideas! So many to choose from, we should be covered for the entire year! Post your ideas on our event page here:!/event.php?eid=149412231807803