I’ve got it bad for stripes – always have, always will.
I’ve never bought into the ‘horizontal stripes aren’t flattering’ bit. Nor do I agree with that old-school adage that they ‘add pounds’ or ‘make your look shorter’. Rubbish. Nonsense. Pish-posh.
Summer and stripes go together like watermelon and crumbled feta (the ultimate summer salad) and I’ll take my stripes any which-way thanks – vertical or horizontal, chevron, wide & cabana-style,  or skinny in seersucker.
Not all stripes mean ‘nautical’ either. Sure, it’s the classic print for yacht-club style, especially in combos of red, white, navy ( and don’t forget canary yellow or Kelly green) but stripes have many other ‘looks’ as well.
Stripes can look graphic and bold in black and white, like this top from Jacob, for instance, a cute nod to the ‘80’s. PS: rocker-babes love their black/white stripes – from Chrissie Hynde to Gwen Stefani, and loads in between.

Soft stripes more your thing? Try GAP’s soft yellow and white tank, plus this floppy beach hat from La Vie En Rose.

And what are these chevron stripes I mentioned earlier on? This cute orange and white skirt from Old Navy illustrates perfectly.

See you next week lovelies!