Check out the first entry from guest blogger Rebecca Tay - Juicy Colours

Forget the weather. Who needs sunny skies when your wardrobe can have pops, squirts and bursts of juicy colour (which, yes, make me want to inject my every sentence with onomatopoeia!)? Arguably the biggest trend this season, brights like orange, pink, cobalt blue, emerald, and yellow made appearances on nearly every runway—no surprise, then, that it’s the trend that’s helped me survive this gloomy spring.
I just splurged on a floral skirt from Raf Simons’ standout spring collection for Jil Sander, and while I love the fact that it features nearly every shade in the rainbow, I know not everyone out there has as much an affinity for colour as I do. A quick scan of the women sitting around you will confirm this; perhaps a quick scan of your closet will also do the trick.
So what’s a black, white, and navy-wearing gal to do? Go easy on yourself—no one’s asking you to jump feet first into the crazy-colour trend… although come to think of it, feet first is probably the easiest way to go. Case in point? Next time you have the urge to pair your skinny dark jeans with basic, black pumps, try the “Dyle” wedge sandals ($100) from Aldo, instead. Available in a yellow or green two-
toned rubber sole, they’re the perfect way to give the world a peek at your colourful personality.