It's In The Bag - with Rebecca Tay

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Now that all the summer sales are underway, the question in my mind has shifted from “which of these should I get” to “which of these should I get today”? And while I could bore you with my picks of the discounted jeans, dresses, shorts, and tanks I’ve deemed worthy of my credit card, I’ve decided to spare you by presenting just a selection: handbags!

This mega-cute, leather-like mini messenger from Le Chateau ($60) is the perfect piece for slinging over your shoulder on your way out the door—hopefully en route to a festival.

Can’t you just picture this straw mini shoulder bag ($28) from the Gap sitting next to you on your picnic blanket on a grassy knoll? I can. Good news is, it’s also fully lined and has a zipper interior, so if you take a spill on said knoll, your lipstick, cell phone, and keys won’t spill with you.

I’m a huge fan of the classic Bay point blanket, which translates to me being a fan of pretty much anything with the iconic pattern. This tote ($10) is a great beach bag, and is so affordable, you won’t worry about tossing it in the wash every few weeks.

In the market for a sale splurge? This Jil Sander market bag ($444 at Net-a-Porter) is totally to die for. ‘Nuff said.