VROOM VROOM - All you need to know about leather from Heidi Hofstad!

Leather isn't typically associated with summer, unless referring to ogling boys on motorcycles, while sipping refreshments patio side - vroom, vroom! But this year, revving up our closets is trending! The look is less about giving off the hardcore biker chick signal and more about incorporating seasonless and timeless leather pieces – that show off the legs – into wardrobes. 
Unless your new biker boyfriend is paying (cheeky, always!), luxury leather investments can be replaced with inexpensive alternatives. Faux-leather and even metallic coated cotton make for look-a-like understudies. Keep pretty by pairing leather shorts and skirts with girly tops. Nude and blush toned blouses add the flounce of an ultra feminine look. And bright colours – especially with oversized neon tops – are flirty and accentuate a great tan.
As always, the higher the heel, the better you feel. Think platform sandals to give you a boost as you hop on the hog.

Coated Cotton Shorts in Gold $39.95,

Wilfred Cannes Shorts in Faux Leather $110,

Black Skirt $99,
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