Celebrity Looks for Less

By: Tairalyn | Little Miss Mama
Independent Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger
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My bank statements tell me I can’t shop like a celebrity, but it has yet to tell me I can't look like one. Fashion isn't about how much one can spend, but about how you feel when you’re in it. I don't know about you, but finding a deal always wears better on me than if I've spent my entire paycheque!
Motherhood has many fashion stereotypes and I plan on breaking each and every one of them, with proof in pictures every rebellious step of the way. Little Miss Mama is all about looking and feeling like a million dollars without actually having to beg, borrow an steal to get there. Coquitlam Center is my go to for on point, affordable fashion. With some of my very favorite stores like H&M, Old Navy, Aritzia, Suzy Shier, The Gap, Spring, Aldo and Sephorawhy would I choose to go elsewhere?

My style inspiration comes from not only magazines, runway shows and celebrity street style but fellow fashion bloggers like myself. I strive in making trends work for me as a curvaceous mama, inspiring those around me to play dress-up on a daily basis.
Today’s inspiration stems from the ever so gorgeous and always front page of the tabloids, Miss Kim Kardashian. She has fabulous style, dresses for her bodies curves and always rocks the red carpets with confidence. Said best by Eric Daman, Costume Designer to Sex and the City, “Style is 20% Fashion and 80% Confidence”. I couldn’t agree more. If you strut with poise, you could make a Potato Sack look chic… that and a fabulous belt because we all know sacks are far too boxy without it.
Kim Kardashians ensemble easily cost over $3000, mine on the other hand cost $92 – Here is the breakdown with links on where you can get yours too.
Shirt – H&M | $5 – instore only
Jeans & Belt – Joe Fresh | $29.00 & $2.94 – instore only
Shoes – Old Navy | $15.97 – online or instore
Bag – Coach | Gift – outlet only
Watch – Amazon | $28.62 - online only
Head Jewels – Suzy Shier | $10 {necklace turned headpiece} – instore only