Ciritical Decisions

By Julie Nowell, Owner of momcafe Tricities and co-founder of mom inc MOVEMENT
As a parent the thing I despise most is making the important decisions. Yes, I hate them more than diapers and pulling foreign objects out of the toilet u-bend.  I hate them more than being a personal taxi driver and helping my daughter with her math homework.
The lasting, life changing decisions we need to make as parents. The times we want to say yes, but have to say no, even if we don’t want to. I also hate the fact that sometimes I am saying no to myself, my dreams, my wants, for the good of our family (yes, I am innately selfish!).
I always wish that these decisions would be taken care of by someone else… or even shared with my husband, but I find that more often that not, the final choice in the matter, the actionable step, falls to me.
I think it may be because I am just more “actionable”, or maybe it is just me being unable to procrastinate. I find that no matter how horrible, or dull, or stressful, or expensive a decision is… waiting to make the decision is the worst part.
As parents, we have a mountain of choices ahead of us… we can probably foresee many of the decisions to come. When to have “the talk” with your kids? To visit the orthodontist… or teach your kids to smile with their mouth closed? Welcome the pets into our home… always knowing there will be a day that we need to say goodbye.
Would it make it any easier on us to have these decisions pre-set? To be able to activate them when needed and save ourselves the tears, stress and worry over making the decision? Or are these those moments that make us wiser in the end… that give us the right to smile at our grandchildren in knowing appreciation of what is to come?  Are these the moments that allow us to grow up?
Much like how I continue to eat spinach (even tho it truly is vile) I will continue to bravely face the critical decisions that come my way… I will allow life to worry me, and sadden me… in the hope that my battle scars of choices will make my skin thicker in the end. That my increased strength will be enough to support my children as they go through the same. And maybe, my decision will actually be the “right one” in the end.