Mom jean-itis

By Julie Nowell, Owner of momcafe Tricities and co-founder of mom inc MOVEMENT

illustration by Sujean Rim
Huddled under umbrellas on the soccer pitch yesterday with a hoard of moms (or is it a murder, or a pack of moms?)  the discussion came to the sloppy mom style, bad habits and how we continue to hide these faux pas from society-at-large.
Like the mom who doesn’t roll down her window to say hello during morning drop off , because she hasn’t brushed her teeth yet.
Or the mom that played “lame” in the car (twisted ankle) so I would get her kids to come to her at school's end (because she was wearing nasty-ass jogging pants and didn’t want anyone to see her).
Or the lululeMOMs who excuse their gear and lack of showering as they are just heading out for a run (lies, all lies…. And yes, I am totally guilty for this!).
Moms have this knack for buying great coats (to cover the ratty tee-shirts) or fabulous shoes…. to take your eyes off her hair! I have noticed if I wear bigger earrings, nobody notices what I am wearing cause they are too busy looking at my ears (seriously cool trick and I urge you to try it).
But these are all creative solutions to the underlying issue of why we are still in our jammies at 3pm, or failing to wash our hair regularly (can anyone say mom-ponytail?).
I put it down to three things:
1. We are so busy focused on saving the world for our children we have little time for the mundane aspects of personal hygiene.
2. We are done breeding… why would we ever put the time into making ourselves attractive?

3. We have lost our self to dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, and diaper changes, and are so domesticated we can’t find our way back.
I find it extraordinary that most moms say the best part of returning to work is being able to wear “real clothes” again… where did this notion of the messy mom come from?
So I urge all mothers to jump in the shower, throw away the pony tails (or just put them in the drawer- we don’t want to be wasteful!) and slip into something a little more appealing. Don’t do it for him, or them….  Do it cause inside the mom-packaging there is still a woman, who does harbour sex appeal (even if she is too tired to use it).  Just try it and see the response, I have a feeling that adding a little shine to your bonnet may add some excitement to your day!
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