By Julie Nowell, Owner of momcafe Tricities and co-founder of mom inc MOVEMENT
I am a busy mom… or at least people keep telling me I am. Women around me often say “how do you do it all?”  (to which I usually can’t respond cause I am laughing so hard!). I get a little confused by this.  
I agree, I tend to get quite a bit done in a day… in fact the more I start doing, the more I can seem to get done. The days that start out slow and unproductive… usually remain that way. But, there is also an awful lot I don’t get done in a day…. Or even a week(okay, okay… we have things that haven’t been accomplished this YEAR!).
For example, my floors are always sticky. I don’t know if it is having three kids, or two dogs… or if the hamsters are breaking free each night and finger painting fruit cups on my floors…. I just know they are always sticky… and I hardly ever wash them (which makes them stickier). I sometimes buy boxes of cookies, instead of making them, and I actually sent my daughter to school on “hundred day” with approximately 100  hearts on her leggings… we kind of rounded up (oh the guilt when the teacher asked her if her leggings where handmade ).
I often feel  like a whirling dervish… my spinning and spinning makes people think I am accomplished, when in fact I am just getting myself dizzy. Or bedazzled acid wash jeans …. no they are not cool just cause they are sparkly!
I like to think that I prioritize and choose the tasks I want to complete in a day, that I control my schedule (listed by “society” as top benefit of working from home), that I am so accomplished at multitasking I can manage anything.
In all honesty, it isn’t me at all. It is my husband cleaning the floors behind me, it is the babysitter who comes one day a week so I can actually “get some work done”. It is the high boots that hide the weak calves, and the exchange student who loves to bake…
Granted, I do get some things done and am not completely useless… but I want those moms who comment on “how productive I am”, or the honest mom who just called me “hyper”, the moms who may feel like they aren’t accomplishing enough….. those moms need to remember that my floors are dirty, the kids are eating pizza for dinner (again) and I haven’t wrapped a birthday gift for a child in years (thank god for those fancy bags!).
We only need to be successful according to our own goals, nobody else’s.  Or, on the other hand…. We are all failing somehow according to society (the hot tub in our house is better than a shower… it just bleaches the dirt off the kids!... seriously!).
So, be successful in your priorities, or acknowledge your failures with the rest of us. Just don’t compare, compete and diminish what you are doing…  and realize there is probably some medical explanation for why I need so little sleep!