Style expert Catherine Dunwoody answers your style-at-home questions!

We can't fight it any longer! The cold weather is here to stay so let's embrace the wonderful benefits during the cozy season.
Q: I’m looking for some cozy, autumn-scented products for the bath and home, any ideas?

Catherine Dunwoody: Just like comfort food, these scents seem just right when the weather turns chilly and you’re snuggled up at home with a good book or the latest rom-com. For the body, there’s all kinds of bath and shower gels, lotions and hand crèmes, in cozy scents like pumpkin, caramel apple and such. And for the home, the time’s right for fragranced candles and potpourri in warming scents with notes of amber, pomegranate, and hints of spices like cinnamon and clove
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