Falling for fashion with the change in season...

Fall is the best season - wardrobe wise! You've spent all summer showing off your bronzed silhouette, now it's time to bundle up and get cozy with the vast array of garments that fall has to offer. Fashion tip - it's all about the layering technique! For whatever reason, a strategically layered wardrobe can instantly add credibility to your style... so long as you don't look like you pulled everything off the floor and piled it on, camel style.
Staple #1 - The go-to sweater
This is a piece that will transition you through the unpredictable season. It can act as an added layer to your ensemble, or simply be an added bonus should the weather suddenly turn chilly. If you keep to a neutral colour, have fun with what's underneath! A sweater can be thrown over jeans and a billowy top, or allow you to continue wearing that dress from summer you just can't tuck away!
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Staple #2 - A fabulous pair of boots!
If you buy nothing else this season... this is a must. Boots are an investment, and sometimes a justifiable splurge. If you are lucky enough to have a fall wardrobe re-vamp budget, opt for the trendy, show stopping boot. If this is a purchase that is going to hurt the wallet, go for a classic style that will carry you through, season after season. A great boot is like a fine wine, it only gets better with age!
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Staple #3 - The 'it' bag
You know the one, the carry-all you've been coveting in the magazines. This purchase does not have to break the bank. If you are a fashionista at heart, you like to change it up - colour, shape, style. Go less expensive on the bag, as they are so interchangeable.
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Staple #4 - The scent
The air is changing, use this as an excuse to go for a fragrance with a little more substance. Those layers will be sure to mask the luxurious scent slightly as it is, go bold!
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