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Earth Hour - This Saturday!

This Saturday, lights will switch off all over the world at 8:30 pm in support of Earth Hour. The goal behind this incredible act is that people will think about their future actions, and make wiser choices moving forward that will have an effect on climate change.

Check off the five must do's of Coquitlam Centre Spring Break!

Halfway through the first week of spring break - how time flies when you're having fun. When you aren't outside enjoying the beautiful sun that came out today, stop by Coquitlam Centre and check off the five must do's we have compiled for the week!

1. Leave your hand print on the "Helping Hand" wall in support of Japan -

The Carnival is coming to town!

Remember how excited you got as a kid when the carnival came to town? Well you're in luck... West Coast Amusements Carnival Midway is coming to Coquitlam Centre March 30 2011- April 3 2011   What's better than going to the Carnival? Winning all day ride passes!

Get Swimsuit-Sexy in Just Six Weeks!

Ok ladies, unless you are Gisele Bundchen and come out post-baby-bump catwalk ready, this is the piece of the wardrobe we all dread shopping for: the bikini! With the official day of Spring already behind us, the days at the beach aren't so out of sight. Whether your purpose is to spend your weekends pool-side with friends, strolling the beach on those endless sunny days, or chasing the little ones along the sand - we want to be ready!

Helping Hands Launches Today!

Coquitlam Centre "Helping Hands" Fundraiser to aid with Earthquake and Tsunami relief in Japan starts today and we need your help! Stop by Guest Services to donate, and receive a hand-shaped card to write down who the donation has generously come from. The donations will be given to the Canadian Red Cross to be combined with their relief efforts for Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief. The Helping Hands will be up and proudly displayed, hopefully covering a vast amount of wall space! Our Guest Services is located on Level One by The Bay.