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Steal her Style!

Check out how Jessica Alba turns a simple outfit into a fashionable one by adding a punch of colour with her orange carry-all satchel.
Jessica has made her look work with dark denim, a pair of great heels or boots, a black blazer, simple layering tank, and a scarf.
Add accessories to rock the outfit that much more.
See Jessica's look in Flare

Playground Chic

As a mom, you're going to spend a lot of time on the playground with your little ones, and the most challenging issue always seems to be - what to wear? You leave the house with the kids impeccably dressed, and your wardrobe choices suddenly take back seat to their stylish playground attire. And you need clothing that allows you to play with your little playground warrior at a moment’s notice, so where do you find the balance between style and function?

The world prepares to go lights out for Earth Hour

Will you do your part to make Earth Hour 2011 as powerful as it was last year? Earth Hour is an amazing campaign, bringing awareness to something as simple as turning out the light in a room when you walk out of it. We all know we should be more energy efficient, but sometimes it isn't always top of mind - and it should be.

It's Pop Up Yoga today at Coquitlam Centre!

Join us today to help bring awareness to an issue that touches far too many families - breast cancer. "Don't Forget to Check" is a campaign put together by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, targeting woman aged 18 - 25, but relevant to woman of all ages. The program promotes breast self-checks and prevention tips, discusses risk factors, and incorporates fun and engaging activities to shed light on this information that is available. lululemon is spearheading the event, running on-going classes from 12:30 - 3:30pm.

Earth Hour - This Saturday!

This Saturday, lights will switch off all over the world at 8:30 pm in support of Earth Hour. The goal behind this incredible act is that people will think about their future actions, and make wiser choices moving forward that will have an effect on climate change.