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7 Mid-Winter Beauty Pick-Me-Ups from Harper's Bazaar

While we are loving this stint of sun, winter is a long and dreary season, and we need a few perks for ourselves here and there.
Check out these amazing tricks from Harper's Bazaar to instantly look - and feel - better!

Whitney Port talks style and colour palettes on the Marilyn Denis Show

The fashionista touches on which colours go best on the fair redhead, the blue eyed brunette, and a bronzed blonde.
She also introduces her book True Whit which she describes as a lifestyle guide for the 'quarter life crisis' we all inevitably go through!

White is the new black

It may be grey and dreary in Vancouver right now, but spring's just around the corner. Which means - it's time to think about spring trends!
So, fashionistas - here's some hot spring tips. White is the new black... and nail colours call for neutral
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