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We're Going Organic!

Metro Vancouver is moving to become a Zero Waste City and we love that at Coquitlam Centre, that's why we've brought in two new Sorting Stations in the Food Court to seperate organics from garbage.

Just bring your Food Court Tray to one of our Sorting Stations and we'll do the rest, help us become a Zero Waste

Sorting Stations are located at the Food Court by DQ and KFC.


Be Best-Dressed-For-Less this New Year

Hello Fashionistas … it’s CeeCee. If you’re a frequent shopper at Coquitlam Centre, then you’ll know that January is the month for CeeCee’s Best-Dressed-For-Less Sale.  This year, the sale is from January 9th to January18th … and to kick it off with a bang, Coquitlam Centre selected five local bloggers (myself included) to write about how they would get Best-Dressed-For-Less. To see a full list of the fabulous bloggers visit me at Get Real!


Escents Aromatherapeutics' New Location

Come and check out the New and Gorgeous 2nd location for Ecents Aromatherapy for all of your Natural Wellness Needs from an Ultrasonic Diffusers, soaps, candles, Stress Relief Inhalers, and Essential Oils.

If you're feeling the Holiday blues and stressed out than they have the perfect solution for you.

Located on Level 2 in the Fasion wing by Jacob.

Volunteers and Donations Urgently Needed for SHARE

'Tis the season to give' and why not give back to your community by donating some of your time to volunteer this Holiday season. Most Canadians are very fortunate to not have to experience poverty however there are many families who still live in poverty. Alarmingly BC has one of the highest child poverty ratings in the country.  According to the child and youth advocacy group First Call in 2013, British Columbia's child poverty rate is 18.6%, a significantly higher rate than the national rate of 13.3%.  That’s over 153,000 children who live in poverty in BC alone.