Bullying … It Affects Everyone

Hi there … CeeCee here.  I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I AM SOMEONE Ending Bullying Society recently launched its 2TALK (28255) bullying help text messaging servicepilot program that is now available to Tri-Cities secondary school students. This text messaging platform enables youth dealing with bullying; as well as issues ranging from gangs, sexual exploitation, date violence, hate crimes, discrimination and abuse; to send a text for support and assistance in finding help.

The first of its kind in Canada! Being a mother of two, I’m incredibly supportive of this new initiative and you should be too … I’m sure everyone has been affected by bullying in one way or another, whether it’s personal or happened to someone you love or care about. Want to help this great cause? I’ve got you covered.  As a key supporter of I AM SOMEONE, Coquitlam Centre is hosting The Ultimate Online Auction until November 1st and all proceeds go to I AM SOMEONE Ending Bullying Society. This auction has 58 unique packages and experiences up for grabs. Here are a few that I’m eyeing. 

To view the video and learn more on how you can help support I AM SOMEONE Ending Bullying Society just click on the video image below: