Caposhie - NOW OPEN!

Level 2 near the Food Court

Caposhie curates collections for today’s modern boomers, gen-z and beyond by bringing in locally made products along side trusted brands catered to their consumers needs.

The idea of Caposhie came about when founder Howard and his wife expressed their frustration with the retail options available to couples during this next phase of their lives, becoming all too familiar with the phrase “I am not my mother!” They  weren't ready to start shopping at the “Talbots” of the world but they couldn't quite fit into the likes of the “Aritzia” type retail spots. After countless meetings and a focus group filled with like minded boomers, the duo realized that boomers today are redefining “middle age”. They quickly decided to acknowledge this powerful and changing consumer group.

Some of the brands they partner with include:

  • Part Two
  • ICHI
  • InWear
  • Renuar
  • Kaffe
  • b.young
  • dish
  • YAYA

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