Playground Chic

As a mom, you're going to spend a lot of time on the playground with your little ones, and the most challenging issue always seems to be - what to wear? You leave the house with the kids impeccably dressed, and your wardrobe choices suddenly take back seat to their stylish playground attire. And you need clothing that allows you to play with your little playground warrior at a moment’s notice, so where do you find the balance between style and function?
If you aren't a mama who has the luxury of sitting on the sidelines, or your tiny adventurer is always the one needing saving from a monkey bar fiasco, your wardrobe choices need to be strategic. This now begs the question - how can you possibly maintain your style and still be able to climb the rock wall?
The answer to that question is simple - playground chic. It’s your style combined with “playground mom”. Certain areas of town seem to require all of the mommies to wear black yoga pants, a pretty Lululemon top, and super-fitted hoodie until noon. Though the signs are not visible, they are certainly there. Don't rule this outfit out - there are definite days when this is a staple! However, what about those days you don't want to appear as if you are coming from the gym, and are having lunch or going shopping after the playground.

Selections from H&M - in stores now!
The secret is, always bring an extra pair of shoes (or two) in your tote. Flats for the playground are always a must, but if your outfit is transitional - cuff up the cargos, pair with a layered tank top look, toss on some metallic thong sandals, a colourful scarf, and you are set. Cork wedges or a kitten heel always works to turn an outfit around. Add a few accessories to quickly freshen up the playground chic look, and you're ready to grab lunch at a cafe and not feel under-dressed.
The looks below are from Ralph Lauren, found at The Bay.