Learn all about the 'Mad Hatter' with Carly Yack!

Mad Hatter
This summer is all about finding the perfect hat. The recent royal wedding has helped to push this trend to the forefront. Those Brits definitely know how to make a statement with headwear. This season showcases hats in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colour. Choosing which one to make your signature look is difficult for even the most fashion savvy girl. Here are a few hat trends to play with:
Wide-Brim Sun Hats – stay cool under the shade of your chapeau and look fabulous at the same time. This hat is perfect for a day at the beach. Stay traditional with a neutral straw tone or have some fun with a brightly coloured number, like this purple one from H&M.

Men’s Headwear – play up the tomboy trend with hats like a fedora or a Stetson. Use Diane Keaton in Anne Hall as your inspiration. Adding a masculine piece to an outfit can sometimes help to bring out your feminine side, as ironic as that sounds.
 Head Wraps – a scarf is the most versatile headpiece. You can go from bandana to turban and back again, in a matter of minutes. For a boho inspired look, simply wrap the scarf around your head, tie it at your neck and let the ends hang free. If you are feeling a little more daring I would recommend the turban. Start by folding your scarf into a triangle and drape it over your head. Cross the ends on the back at the neck then wrap the ends around your head and tie them in the centre on top of your head. Complete the look by placing the longer end on top of shorter end and tuck under. This scarf from Aritzia would make a glamorous turban.

There is a hat for every occasion, have fun experimenting with the various styles. Whether you are sitting poolside or are out for drinks with the girls, a hat would be a welcomed addition to any outfit. Be sure to try on several different looks to find the one or ones that are best for you.