Get Your Beach on With Guest Blogger Rebecca Tay!

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The solution? Here are my votes for Aritzia’s best beach cover-ups.
The Talula Britt dress ($45) features a low back so your cute little bikini can still peek through. I love its beach chic maxi length—and it’s made of a super lightweight fabric that can double as a super-comfortable beach pillow.

Want something a little more jazzy? The Wilfred Serge dress ($95) is made of a crinkled fabric, so you don’t have to worry about throwing it into your beach bag while you go play in the sea. I’m also a huge fan of this graphic tribal print, which is also available in a sheer silk scarf and a tank top….

Never been to Baja? Me neither—but who said that’s a pre-requisite for throwing on this TNA baja hooded sweater ($85)? Supremely comfy, this is the piece I reach for when it comes time to ride my cruiser home.

Rebecca Tay
Twitter: @rtay