Tri-City Sedation & General Dentistry

At Dentists R Us, we invite you to experience our next-level dentistry solutions, in one of our many dental practices, offering you a modern and friendly atmosphere. If you are looking for Coquitlam dentists, we offer a comprehensive list of dentists who provide you with optimal service, and unprecedented care.
Our Coquitlam dentists provide second to none, state-of-the-art equipment, and the industries top dental care products for both general, and specialty care services. The convenience of traditional dental procedures is coupled with the benefits of specialty services such as BOTOX, INVISALIGN and our in-office SPA-DENT whitening treatment. All these services are offered at our Coquitlam locations to best serve you.
Dentists R Us is here to enhance your smile, by providing you with a comfortable experience in locating a community of local dentists. We understand that good oral health requires comprehensive care, and as such, our dental experts provide:
  • Check-up x-rays
  • Inspection of your teeth for cavities, cracks, chipped teeth, missing teeth, discoloured teeth, and missing or broken fillings
  • Wisdom teeth extractions in Coquitlam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Sedation dentistry in Coquitlam
Our dental professionals develop a personalized treatment plan for you, inviting patients to ask questions and discuss any concerns they might have. With multiple locations to serve you, we ensure your dental care needs are addressed by a local dentist in Coquitlam, and your oral health care is maintained. At Dentists R Us, we don’t just provide a resource of quality dentist’s, we provide solutions and smiles!

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