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Letting go of taking Gold at the Mommy Olympics

By: Meghan Simington, Connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.
Sometimes you just have to take off the ‘Coach Mom’ jacket and let your little one loose a race or two.  As new moms we dive into parenting as if we are trying out for the next Olympics with our infant. We ‘train’ and ‘practice’ and hope that we can take home each and every gold! Then we suddenly meet the uber-mom that is leading the pack and wonder how can we catch up?


By Julie Nowell, Owner of momcafe Tricities and co-founder of mom inc MOVEMENT
I am a busy mom… or at least people keep telling me I am. Women around me often say “how do you do it all?”  (to which I usually can’t respond cause I am laughing so hard!). I get a little confused by this.  

Mom jean-itis

By Julie Nowell, Owner of momcafe Tricities and co-founder of mom inc MOVEMENT


“Stumped by some of the trends this season? Need pro styling tips on
how to wear fall's hottest looks? You asked and I answered – and as I
always do, it’s served straight up.”
I want to wear leopard prints, but how?
“I’m a big fan of leopard, always have been. Trick here is to tame
the meow-mix by wearing only one piece of leopard print at a time.
Pair leopard pumps with your LBD. Or a cheetah-print scarf over that
camel coat. Head-to-toe leopard works on Edith Prickley. On you?
Not so much. ”

What's happening at the PANDORA Style Lounge!

We had a great time this past Saturday at the PANDORA Style Lounge! Special thanks to Caitlin Callahan, senior makeup artist, MAC Cosmetics for stopping by and sharing her tips & tricks for fall makeup. Caitlin was joined by her gorgeous model who beautifully demonstrates the perfect eyeliner application below.

This just in - sequins shouldn't be reserved for a night out on the town!

Our resident style expert Catherine Dunwoody shares the inside scoop on fall style! We all have flashy trends we would love to try, but wouldn't you love to consult with an expert so you don't end up on the worst dressed list? Now is your chance - here is Catherine with the answers to some of your hard questions!